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HAVASAZ COMPANY is considered one of the leading companies in the area of designing and manufacturing air conditioning units in accordance with international standards. The company, established 1967, is considered one of the first in Iran to be working in the field of air conditioning. In order to facilitate the service to its customers, the company has established a sales office in Tehran / Shahid Beheshti Ave. کلمات کلیدی : نمایشگاه ساختمان ، گرمایش ، سرمایش و تهویه ، تجهیزات مکانیکی ، AIR COOLED CONDENSER هواساز Air Cooled Liquid Chiller هواساز DOCTED FANCOILS هواساز PACKAGED UNIT هواسازROOM FANCOIL هواساز NIT HEATER EVAPORATIVE COOLED AND HEATER UNIT “ZENT هواساز iran architects
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